Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog Status

This Blog is still in it's testphase.

It hasn't been advertised anywhere yet, but if you found it by accident comments ARE welcome :-)

The idea is a database of some of the whiskies I drink, with occasionally blogs about this and that concerning whisky in general, but the main purpose will be whiskyrating.

I'll do that a bit different than others and shorter. I won't dissecate a whisky into nose and palate, but instead I'll pass on my impressions as I get them. So this is not a very scientific approach, but a short descriptions of my experience with the whisky. I always start with nosing a whisky and after a bit I taste, and from then its a mix of nosing and tasting as I feel like. Just like most people drink their malts.

I am still working on the layout as this is first time for me

Kind regards


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