Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Diageo Dramming part 1 - Rosebank

Rosebank was located in Falkirk and was closed down in 1993

The distillery is now partly a restaurant, and partly mothballed, with a roundabout inbetween. The mothballed part had a break-in recently and some of the old distillery parts, like the stills, were stolen.

Remains of Rosebank

The restaurant

Plans to reopen Rosebank has lead to the soon-to-be-open brand new distillery : Falkirk Distillery, which will be located in another location in the Falkirk area-

1. Rosebank 1989 12yo bottled by Signatory 43%

Distilled 5th april 1989, bottled 28th may 2001. Cask 713 and 714, bottle 595/848

Nose : Did I get an armagnac in my glass ?

Palate : No, this is whisky. This 12yo actually tastes like a 18-20yo. Fullbodied wood influence, but not woody at all. It's a kaleidoscope of pears and apples

Finish : medium-long

Another whisky I enjoyed. I'm an ex-bourbon fan, and whisky like this is the reason. 

Rating 91

Signatory is an independent bottler founded in 1988, been bottling since 1992 and they acquired their own distillery, Edradour, in 2002


  1. I love Rosebank!!

    And I remember what Ralfy told me in the interwiev to TMH blog:
    "If I could create a Malt it would be to reopen whats left of Rosebank Distillery and resurect a Scottish National Treasure which has been lost due to the indifference of the Scottish people."

    Anyway,working with Rosebank is really nice experience.
    Recommendation always big success with this fancy malt.

  2. Well, Ralfy will be happening casue Falkirk Distillery will mimic Rosebank