Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A couple of bottlings from Falster

Two months ago, when I did a wee Bunnahabhain vertical I was very delighted with the Falster Bunnahabhain

I actual have a couple of other Falster bottlings, no need not to have a little sip of those as well

Both are bottled via DMWA and Creative as well

These whiskies are bottled at the annual Wild Whisky Weekend which is hosted at Hotel Falster. Falster is a southern danish island, which has the southernmost point of Denmark. Hotel Falster is also partly owned by the famous danish whisky entusiast Hans-Henrik Hansen.

1. Glenlivet 33yo Falster 2010 51.2%
Bottled by Creative (David Stirk)
Distilled 1976
Metal label

This malt appears as quite woody, so I added a wee bit of water which made wonders. I don't normally add water to my whiskies, but if I feel the whisky is somewhat restrained or onesided (as this one were), I do

Now I suddenly have a whisky where there's something to write about!

Nose : Fruit, Vanilla, Wood
Palate : Spicy, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, wood and brandy
Finish : Powerful and medium length

This is a fine whisky, but it doesn't live up to the magnificient Bunnahabhain. I always had trouble with older Glenlivet's which somehow dissapointed me. Nothing wrong with them, but when you get into the $$$$$ whiskies you start to expect something- Gimme a Nadurra please :-)

Rating 83

2. Caol Ila Falster 2007 52.7%
Bottled by Creative (David Stirk)
Distilled 1984
Caol Ila

Nose : Some slight milk acidity which reminds me of younger islays. then the typical of old Caol Ila robust sweetness-spicyness appears, peat of-course, but I am getting immune to that :-)
Palate : Typical Caol Ila. Round, sweet, full bodied, heavy, spicy, citrus and vanilla
Finish : Medium strength but long

Rating 84

This is another good Caol Ila. Caol Ila is almost always a sure hit, and this is no exception. As Mark Watt says "I never had a bad Caol Ila", and I do agree on that statement.

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