Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kornog - French Whisky

Kornog is the peated version of malt whisky made at the french distillery Glann Ar Mor.

Glann Ar Mor is located in Brittany. Brittany, like Scotland has Celtic heritage. More than 250000 is reckoned to speak Breton in and around Brittany, which is actually more than speaks Gaelic in Scotland.

Glann Ar Mor ("By the sea") is a very oldfashioned distillery. Direct flamed, slow distilling, wooden washbacks, wormtubs. Kornog is around 35ppm peat level. None of these bottlings has an age statement or vintage, but they are pretty young as the distillery started official production in 2005


1. Kornog Taouarc'h Pevared 10 SC 46%
A sauternes casked Kornog

The nose is peaty, sweet and fruity. If you can talk about a nose being full-bodies, this is an example. The sweet woody fragrances fills your nose with a very warming experience. The palate is sweet, the sauternes has really made a nice impact on this malt, giving a good balance between malt, peat and sweetness. Fruity, like canned pears, a tiny hint of coconut. Tastewise this whisky is as peaty if not more than the Kildalton Islay Malts. The peat is a classic peat. Good long finish

Rating 87

2. Kornog Saint Ivy 2012 59.9%
A single cask (ex-bourbon)

A much more clean and simple whisky. At least on the nose. It is replaced by an unexpected flavourful and more fullbodied palate. It's dry, peaty with notable wood influence, hint of vanilla. A classic peated whisky. The finish is remarkable long and you can taste this whisky for a looong time. Wow

Rating 89

A remarkable set of whiskies. Is it the traditional (old fashioned) production method that gives this fullbodied delightful whiskies which excellences allready at this young age ?. It's unknow how old these whiskies are but  an age of 5-7 years is my estimate based on when the distillery started production. Blind, I would have guessed these to be at least 10 years old. What impresses me mostly is the fantastic long and flavourful finishes

I can't wait to see what this remarkable distillery will be able to put out when the whisky reaches ages of 10-12. Right now it is serious competition to Islay's and I have to say I prefer Kornog to similar new projects on Islay like Kilchoman and Port Charlotte

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