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This is one of Diageo's more unknown distilleries. Diageo is the the biggest distillery company in Scotland with around 30 malt whisky disitilleries and some it's the most famous brands are Johnnie Walker, Bell's, Lagavulin, Guinness, Bushmills, Smirnoff, Dickel, Baileys, and I can go on and on naming world brands. Big company for sure

Dailuaine is not a target for the owners as a single malt brand as such. A somewhat rare bottling, the 16yo Flora and Fauna bottling is the only bottling available (almost). It is a very nice whisky, influenced heavily, if not exclusively by ex-sherry casks. If you want to explore Dailuaine further you have to search for independent bottlings

It's one of the few distilleries I never visited, I would for sure like to go and have a look one day!

Ben Rinnes

Dailuaine is on the very bottom slopes of the Ben Rinnes, the dominant, mountain (some would say hill) of Speyside. This mountain is 841m high and on it slopes it gives water to at least a handful of distilleries of which Dailuaine is one. It is located just a few hundred meters from the river Spey. The view from the top of Ben Rinnes is pure splendour with a kaleidoscope of most of Speyside. Climbing the summit is one of the pilgrimages a devoted malt whisky fan have to do :-), it is strongly recommended and can be done in 3-4 hours

1. Dailuaine 27yo 53.6% whiskybroker.co.uk
Refill sherry hogshead
Distilled 2/11-1983 Bottled 15/7-2011

Nose : honey and wood, laid back and rustic on the wood spices with candylike sweetness

Palate: Some bitterness, think dark chocolate bitterness and licorice - overpowering the sweet impression I picked up from the nosing. Behind all this is a 

Long and dominated by a slight bitter sweetness

Rating 83/100

Comment : You have to be able to accept the bitterness, but it's actual kinda well balanced into the 

2. Dailuaine 34yo 1973 Old Malt Cask 50%
Nose: Fruity, citrusy-briny, oaky-spiced

Palate. fruity, with some slight malty flavours,  hint of oak and prickly alcoholic spices

Finish: nice with a sweet touch that rounds this whisky down your throat and into your body leaving a little smile

Rating 87/100

Very nice whisky that will convince you more and more of its qualities as you sit and enjoy it

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