Sunday, February 24, 2013

Glen Garioch 1991

Glen Garioch 1991 The Whisky Agency 54.4% 20yo

Glen Garioch is a highland distillery that had a minor rollercoaster destiny as a distillery with many diferent styles and peat levels over fairly recent times

These days it is a bold rough'ish whisky and usually not anything I would recommend to beginners, but to anyone else I would as I do think it's a distillery for the entusiasts if any is

The nose is neutral with some apple/pear fruityness. The palate has the rough intensity I usually associate with full strength Glen Gariochs, so this will appeal to drammers who like their whisky neat and strong. The initial punch is followed up by a nice delicate fruityness of the whisky, apples and pears followed by some minty flavours

So if you want a whisky that hasn't been influenced by a lot of peat or sherry, but is fresh and have a little punch, this is worth considering

Rating 85/100

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