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10 drams to try at the danish whisky fair

Today the official tasting programme of the danish whisky fair went online.

The danish whisky fair is happening March 28 2015 in Fredericia.

Beside Whisky, there will be several exhibitors with rums and a few with craft beer

(The catalogue is in danish, but the whiskylist should be easy to understand for everybody)

For now I will only consider the whisky:

There are many very interesting stands. What about trying danish whisky from Braunstein, Stauning and Fary Lochan ?

Or try whisky bottled by Jack Wieber, one of my all-time favourite independent bottlers on the Whisky2U stand. Another favourite bottler of mine is Creative Whisky, which can be found at the DMWA stand. But there is just so many good bottlers present, which you will see if you look through the catalogue-pdf linked above

There will be a few Denmark-exclusive casks bottlings to buy and taste. FC Whisky has three bottlings in the new Adelphi Club Denmark series and Whiskymessen has a 13yo Craigellachie by Jack Wieber

13yo Craigellachie

A PC from Adelphi to Denmark

As a visitor you will have to spend some time selecting which drams to taste.

Here are my 10 recommendations of things to taste. It's a litle mix of favourite distilleries of mine, things I myself would like to taste and things you might not have considered to taste yourself.

1. Middleton Very Rare 40% at Pernod Ricard 

I would start here. Irish Whisky is delicate, 40% whisky is delicate, Old whisky is delicate. Better try this irish gem before you have too much Laphroaig

2 An Cnoc 35yo 44.3% at Vinspecialisten

An Cnoc is one of those hidden gem. The distillery is located on the border between Speyside and East Highland. I reckon this will be another delicate dram and should be had early. And it's not everyday you can find an affordable 35yo official bottling whisky

3. Arran 18yo 46% at TØNDEN

This whisky actually has world premier TODAY. Usually new releases are very slow coming to Denmark so it's very nice to something this recent here. This is oldest Arran released by The Arran Distillery. And When you are at this, why not go to the Juul's Engros stand and try another recent release, the Benromach 100 proof 10yo (57.1%)

4. SMWS 25.68 Vichy Kisses 57.8%

SMWS has an almost endless list of whiskies to try. And here is a chance to taste a whisky from the closed destillery in Falkirk. Experts still argue if it was triple or 2½ times distilled.

5. Writer's Tears Pot Still Cask Strength 53.0% at Interbrands

Irish Whisky at full  strenght. Used to be rare as a hens teeth. There you go

6. Caperdonich Raw Cask 50.2% Blackadder at FC Whisky

Caperdonich is my favourite scottish distillery. Blackadder is a great bottler. This has a chance of being good. I really hope so

And now we are here at FC whisky it's time to turn to my peated whisky recommendation

7. Kornog (Glann Ar Mor) PX Sherry at FC Whisky 46%

From the rather unknown Kornog Distillery in Brittany. Whisky made as whisky was made 100 years ago. Try it head to head with the Oloroso version. 

8. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10yo 49.9% at Sprit & Co.

Now I have moved to Bourbon

Smooth Ambler is a rather new micro distillery in West Virginia. While their own stuff matures they bottle sourced whisky under the Old Scout label. Sourced from MGP in Indiana they say. Maybe it's Four Roses I say

And when we are at Bourbon, why not come to say hello to me for the next dram

9. Four Roses Single Barrel 50% at

I will be pouring bourbon for at their bourbon bar. Here is a chance to taste my favourite destillery, Four Roses. The regular 50% single barrel is one of the best value for money whiskies out there. And if you want to step up there will be other and older Four Roses to try

And after bourbon I think it will be suitable to finish this set with a rye whisky

10. Millstone rye 100 50% at Juul's Engros

If you like rye whisky this is a must. 100 month old. 100% rye mash and 100 american proof

The danish whisky fair usually have between 2000 and 3000 visitors.

Their website is

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