Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amrut Herald

Amrut Herald

Cask 2857, 60.8%
231 bottles

Matured 4 years in India then 18 months in Helgoland
Alcohol strength dropped from 64.8% to 60.8% while maturing in Helgoland

Amrut Still (Photo by Ras Mazunga)

Steffen's review :

This one is strong stuff. Needs water. And I almost never add water to my whiskies.

Nose: It's like Old Pulteney on steroids. Initially the nose has a slight vinegar edge, then a spicy woodyness appears.

Palate: Same pattern happens to the palate. The wood and spice makes this appear as the oldest tasting Amrut I have tried. Like a 30+ year old scotch, but the ABV gives it all away. Opposed to the Two Continents this has got a lot more "Amrut" in it. Tropical fruit, cocoa and a creamy nuttiness.

Finish : "Old whisky"-tannines, medium-long.

Comments: This is a bit like Stagg. Best consumed dropwise. A pour will last forever...the perfect long-drink. The ABV can be overwhelming. The whisky really benefits a lot from a little air or the bottle being open for a wee bit. Well this is a sample, but it improved from being opened a week! An enjoyable dram!

A good whisky, not for the fainthearted thou. One of the very few whisky I feels need a drop of water by default

Rating 83

Lars' review :

Nose: strong spirit, toffee, milk chocolate and dessert cookies. Friendly and inviting despite the 60.8% that tingles round my nose. Green nuts and sweets with touches of pineapple and pears in the background. After a while it gets a bit rum like.
Taste: sweet and warm. Rather complex. Milk, nuts and toffee chocolate. Warm milk for the adult child who can’t sleep  . Thick and oily. Nips the jaws. In the finish dry oak and more toffee appears.

With water the fruit comes out to play. A bowl of mixed fruits in the warm sun. This is one of the few whiskies where I could want to add drops of water. A fine dram.

Rating: 87     

(Note: review written without having seen Steffen’s or anyone else’s opinion on this whisky which is what I prefer to do)


Steffen's final comment

This might be a weird way to make a review with two different rating systems. The way my odd rating system is defined..(look to the right edge), I would say our ratings match quite close. Please don't take ratings too serious, its just a number to express how much we like a whisky

There will be 4 casks bottled of the Amrut Herald for different markets. 

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