Saturday, April 20, 2013

The state of whisky made in Denmark - part 9

Fary Lochan
Cask sample 51.3%
3yo quartercasks + 2 month sherryfinish

Fary Lochan Wash Still

Nose : Laidback sherrynotes, vanilladominated, hints of citrus and oranges, a faint spicyness

Palate : The nose is quite laidback, the palate surprises with more intensity. Creamy, oily and fullbodied. Quite surprising for such a young whisky. The giveaway is the tasting sensation on the front of your tongue, which is typical for younger whiskies. The palate follows the nose, a creamy vanillaed mouthfeel and I get more citrus notes, orange is the dominating citrusflavour. Delicious

Finish : short to medium, again on the front of your palate

Rating 88/100

Fary Lochan hasn't bottled any whisky yet!! This is a feelgood whisky and I just want to pour more.

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