Sunday, April 7, 2013

Three from Kintra

Three short reviews, thanks to my whiskybase friends for the samples!!

1. Kintra "Bottled from the 3rd confidental cask" 7yo 51.6%
Distilled September 2007, bottled October 2012 sherry butt

The nose is sweet, slightly fruity and honeyed and very fresh

Typical young vibrant sherry cask, which has been calmed slightly by a faint rubber sensation, that is so distant its more a virtual texture than a flavour

It is also slight newmakey. And the alcohol is quite dominant. A slightly sour and bitter aftertaste which is balanced a bit by a later incoming sweetness

I would have kept this in the cask for more years. But this might appeal to people who like their drams a little aggressive. It's not unpleasant but just seems to be bottled too early

Rating 79

2. Glen Keith Kintra 19yo 53.8%
Distilled October 1992, bottled July 2012 bourbon hogshead

Glen Keith is Strathisla's close and mothballed neighbour distillery and rumoured to reopen these days, if it hasn't allready happened. It has been mothballed since 2000.

Nose : Candy and marzipan, actually one of the most marzipanned whisky I have nosed, that I had to make up that word

The palate has some bitterness and the marzipan is still there. This must be the nutshell almond whisky

Vanilla, creme brulee, a little bit of winegum candy

It's a dram that benefits from a little time and rest in the glass. The bitterness dissapears and more gentle pleasureful flavours appears.The finish is particular nice and very pleasant

Rating 86

3. Glen Garioch Kintra 20yo 49.6%
Distilled July 1990, bottled May 2011 bourbon hogshead

I am very sulphur sensitive so the first I pick up is a vulcanic ash sulphurness. I often find this in Glen Gariochs. Spending a minute with the dram this dissapears (it just means my nose gotten used to it). 

The palate is not as aggressive and rough as I often find Glen Gariochs. Apple-ice tea as the flavour reverts to whisky. Vanilla woody spices rounds this off with a nice whisky

Rating 84

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