Saturday, December 5, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 5

The Old Irish Pub

International style irish pub. My expectations wasn't very high. The draft beer line was what I was afraid of


But luckily there was a decent selection of bottled beers. Nothing special, but there was beers worth trying and drinking. A selection of O'hara's and Brooklyn caught my eyes, but there was a few more

This is what I chose. An IPA which off course was an irish pale ale

The was a whisky selection of about 20 whiskies. Mostly standard stuff, but good stuff. And a few irish bottlings as well. Midleton very Rare, Black Bush, The Irishman, Jameson Select Reserve

And the bartenders talked about more bottlings was incoming. This is a fairly new place, and it's more a sports bar and party place than a pub serving the demanding beer and whisky entusiasts

The music was very nice. Relaxing background level, pop music and classic rock. Queen, Beatles, Paul McCartney

The staff was nice

The Old Irish Pubs website is here 

The 24 Bars in Aarhus map is here

Would I recommend this please: If you are looking for a sports bar. yes

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