Friday, December 4, 2015

Stauning is the Ballast Point of Denmark

Recently it was revealed that Ballast Point was acquired by Constellation Brands for 1 BILLION DOLLARS

This is a brewery that some of you might have never heard of

It looks like small operations can be a gold mine, as the same thing now happened in whisky

Today it was revealed that Diageo is gonna invest 10£ million in the small danish distillery Stauning

Investing 10£ million in a small farmside distillery like Stauining basically means that Diageo is going to build a 10£ million distiilery on the west coast of Denmark

The similarity between these takeovers is that the money involved is around the tenfold of what I would  have thought possible

Diageo never ventured into any small european distillery before and at the same time they seem to have stopped any expansions in Scotland, so this is very interesting news. I wasn't expecting this move to be honest. Maybe they will move into other world distilleries as well ?

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