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Caperdonich 27yo Cadenhead's 56.8% 1980 - June 2007

Keywords: Musty, earthy, fruity, paint, solvent, dry, dunnage warehouse

Balance: Medium - the musty-earthiness is dominant

Finish: Medium-short

Rating: 88

I like earthy, musty whiskies

An overview of danish distilleries

Fary Lochan Wash Still

Before my time the danish snaps factories did produce a whisky (CLOC) which apparently weren't very good. 

In 2016 we have approximately 12 places producing whisky, with at least one more planned. This is a mix of breweries that has installed stills, 1 winery with a side production, snaps/fruitbrandy distillery with a side production and  some distilleries with whisky as their main product

A sum up on the danish whisky situation :

1. CLOC. Whisky discontinued in 1974. Made by Danish Distillers, which since has been bought by international operators

2. Vingården Lille Gadegård, Bornholm, Denmark. Released first single malt in 2009. Winery. The production is small and there has been released about 5 bottlings. Use a Stainless steel still, double destillation, uses own wine casks for maturation

3. Stauning Whisky. Distillery. Portuguese Brandy Stills. First releases were some young 1-2yo ryes. Fist destillation summer 2006. First whisky was released in June 2012. Since then the distillery has released a older ryes approaching 3 years old and both peated and unpeated whisky. The distillery is up for a heavy expansion after Diageo invested in the company

4. Braunstein, A brewery that also distill. They use a Holstein Still (Hybrid) for a singledistilled malt whisky. Braunstein bottles unpeated, peated, 46% and cask strength versions and has released several small batch bottlings since the first release of a 3yo in March 2010. Since then the distillery has released several bottlings annually

5. Ørbæk, A brewery that also distill. They use a Holstein Still (Hybrid). First Whisky released June 2012, an organic single malt 58%. They are about to getting rebranded as Nyborg Distillery. The upstart of the new distillery site has been delayed 

6. Fary Lochan. Distillery. Traditional Scottish Pot Stills. Production started very late 2009. Various exotic white whisky products available. First Whisky was released 28. September 2013 and since the distillery has released small batches regularely.

7. TroldenA brewery that also distill. Cognac Pot Still. Some unofficial straight whiskey from testruns released. First Single Malt was released in November 2014. Trolden operates with different mashbills, and the 2nd release was a bourbon inspired whisky with a 55%25% corn/rye mash bill with the rest being wheat and barley

8. Nordisk Brænderi. Gin/Snaps/Fruitbrandy distillery. Müller Still.  Very little whisky on the side. First whisky put on cask in September 2010 and was released in November 2013.

9. Brænderiet Limfjorden. Wash is delivered from Thisted Bryghus (Brewery) and is distilled on small cognac stills. Production started in 2013.  First whisky was bottled in July 2016 

10 Aarhus Bryghus/Enghaven. Aarhus Bryghus (Aarhus Brewery) had some beer distilled at Brænderiet Enghaven (The Enghaven Distillery) in 2013 and a whisky was released August 2016 

11. Copenhagen Distillery. Started December 2014. Beside other sprits the production will include whisky. They make whisky from emmer wheat
Here are some links to the official webpages of 2-8, you might need the help of google translate to get some sense of it. 

12. Mosgaard Whisky. The distillery focus is on gin and whisky. Production started May 2016

13. Ærø Whisky. Production Started May/June 2016

Early Danish Distillery Map

Click map for large version

Location of the danish distilleries can be found in my map section here
Updated September 2016

Ardbeg 17yo OB 40% (bottlecode L0)

Keywords : fruity, earthy, peaty, woody, bitter, water

Balance : Very Good

Finish : Medium-Long, intense

Rating : 85

Blog Status

This Blog is still in it's testphase.

It hasn't been advertised anywhere yet, but if you found it by accident comments ARE welcome :-)

The idea is a database of some of the whiskies I drink, with occasionally blogs about this and that concerning whisky in general, but the main purpose will be whiskyrating.

I'll do that a bit different than others and shorter. I won't dissecate a whisky into nose and palate, but instead I'll pass on my impressions as I get them. So this is not a very scientific approach, but a short descriptions of my experience with the whisky. I always start with nosing a whisky and after a bit I taste, and from then its a mix of nosing and tasting as I feel like. Just like most people drink their malts.

I am still working on the layout as this is first time for me

Kind regards


Ardbeg 10yo OB 46% (bottlecode L0)

Keywords : peaty, medicinal, flowery, citrus

Balance : Very Good

Finish : Medium-Long

Rating : 85

note : test-post