Saturday, September 21, 2013

Danish Whisky News - First bottling of whisky from Fary Lochan Distillery

Fary Lochan Distillery, the closest whisky distillery to me, has bottled it's first whisky on September 14 this month

The bottles has allready been for sale to shareholders and will be available to the rest of us on the September 28 and on their website from September 29

The first bottling won't be cheap, but still cheaper than what most other danish distilleries charged for their first bottlings, and from what I have tasted this is the strongest release yet to come out from Denmark

There will be an official release event in the afternoon of September 28, with speeches, music and food (and hopefully also some whisky!)

The event is described in danish in Fary Lochan's Newsletter #33 here

The distillery is located in the small danish village Farre, not far from Billund and Legoland. The village used to be spelled Fary several hundred years ago. The distillery is locatede near a small lake, or pond I might say, and this gave inspiration the "gaelic" name Fary Lochan. The distillery is quite small and is based on scottish distillery traditions, with pot stills from Forsyth's in Rothes

I had the pleasure of tasting a presample and I liked it, I reviewed it here

Since then the whisky has been on sherry for further 5 months and it is bottled at 48%

I  made a visit to the distillery three years ago (read about that here)

Since this first visit, the distillery has been expanded with a larger warehouse and a tasting room, which also functions as a base of the local whisky club.

Here is the founder of Fary Lochan, Jens-Erik Jørgensen's own tasting notes to his first release:

Color: Golden amber

Nose: Laidback sherry notes, the vanilla from the bourbon casks gives a good balance to the whisky - light sweetness and spicy nose. In the end a slight hint of dark chocolate and dried fruits.

Taste: Despite only 3.5 years, there is an intense bourbon vanilla, with a hint of sherry. Both the creamy and the dry whisky give a complex balance between grace and power to a spicy whisky. A few drops of water, and the taste of dried fruits and dark chocolate appear.

Finish: The heavy oil is giving a good feeling and taste of dark chocolate and dried fruits.

A very limited release of only 511 bottles of whisky has been produced. Every bottle has an individual number, and at the same time there is filled 555 bottles of 5 cl whisky.

Every bottle comes in a specially designed whisky package with gold and lovely design, and were officially released on the 28th of September 2013.

I'll be present at the release event and hope to meet a lot of other excited whisky entusiasts