Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dogme reviews #1. Five short reviews

Sometimes reviews do get long and complicated. I get more confused than informed. For simple people like me that can only pick up between 0 and 3 notes in a whisky (beside "whisky") I will now try out some Dogme reviews. Or maybe I just don't have time to anything but short reviews and relax these days..

One rule : maximum 20 words. Initial first thoughts counts!

Do whisky make you think of a colour ?. It often does for me. This is somewhat irrational, but sometimes when I taste a whisky a colour pops up in my head. It might just be the predominant colours of the things I pick up in the whisky? It doesn't happen that often for me, but maybe for 1 or 2 in 10 whiskies.

Anyway, the few words combined with the rating should give you an idea of what I think of the whisky

Test samples from whiskybase

1. Glen Elgin 1985 Edition Spirits 46.6%
26yo Bottled 2011 

Great mouthfeel and texture. Sweet candy and spicy dry wood. Big and bold. Old. Citrus, medium finish

Rating 86 Colour: Brown

2. Clynelish 1988 Edition Spirits 50.0%
23yo Bottled 2012

Light. Slightly sour (acetic acid), Medium wood, some citrus and coconut. Longer finish

Rating 83 

3. Macduff 2000 Archives 48.2%
11yo. Bottled 2012

Funny artificial taste. Plastic ?. Sherry spiced. Medium finish

Rating 81

4. Glen Ord 1997 Archives  54.2%
15yo. Bottled 2012

Nose is light and immature. Greater palate but a little boring. Coconut, citrus, wood spiced and malty

Rating 83

5. Benriach 2000 12yo OB 54.4%
Bottled for the Netherlands. Virgin Oak Cask

Typical intense new wood whisky. Vanilla, intense mint

Rating 86 Colour : White