Monday, April 12, 2010

Google maps of all the whiskydistilleries in the world

I made a set of three maps on googlemaps to display all the distilleries making whisky in the whole wide world :-)

The aim is first and foremost to show the EXACT locations of distilleries, to help as travel guides and for the geography nerds out there, myself included

I do put distillieries on the map when they are in production, or if closed, bottles are still "ready available"

NEW FEATURE Scotland : Visitor centres are marked

Here are the links :    UK and Ireland  

Send me a mail if you spot an error or a missing distillery.

My main sources are : Malt Whisky Yearbok, Sku's recent eats, Whiskyportal, twitter and google :-)

Trivia Quizzes about Whisky

I have made a series of trivia quizzes about whisky

I am about moving the quiz to a new palce called Quibblo

I will update and edit quizzes to 2012

So far the following quizzes are available

Quiz 1: The Easy Malt Whisky Quiz

Quiz 2: The Malt Whisky Quiz

Quiz 3: My third quiz, a little harder

Quiz 4: The Islay Quiz

Quiz 5: The very long malt whisky quiz (100 questions!)

Quiz 6: General Whisky Knowledge

Have fun

Kind regards