Saturday, June 19, 2010

My favourite Whisky sites

Danish whisky forum
Irish Whisky Entusiasts forum
John Hansells great interactive blog
Best Distillery Site. Best Distillery Forum. Best Distillery Shop. Period


Sku's blog, now mainly about whisk(e)y - my favourite blog, often funny, and Sku knows what he talks about!
Josh Feldman's New York based blog about spirits from wood
Tim Reads blog, actually about whiskey and what not in general, great blog
Chuck Cowdery's Bourbonblog
Johanne and Graham McInnis' whiskyblog from Canada!
Los Angeles Whisk(e) Society. A big database of reviews
Jeff's blog from Arizona
A very diverse about bourbon and what not :-)
Ralfy's Youtube videos about and rating whisky, allready a classic...I need a ralfy hat

A blog by Jason Johnstone-Yellin
Chris and Lukas from Edinburgh, two young lads with a whiskyblog
Serge's is one of the webs most respected whiskyraters. Mainly reviews
Davin de Kergommeaux site about canadian whisky
Mainly reviews
Oliver Klimeks blog, with great articles and ratings
Great newsfeed about whisky
THE site about Japanes Whisky.
WhiskyIsrael : Gal Granov's Blog
Joshua Hatton's WhiskyBlog
Keith's site with articles and tasting notes
reviews and interviews, often with focus of women in the business
Whisky Art and a blog from Kate and Mark
Whisky Bros - Lithuanian Whisky Blog

Other Favourite Links
Tim Puett's encyclopediac page about Ardbeg bottlings
Daftmill's webpage. Whiskychat every wednesday at 21:30 CET
Whisky Auction site no. 1, based in Germany
Another good auction site, based in Scotland
Whiskydatabase with user entries and reviews

Other links I also follow
Whisky Magazine Forum
Database, blogs, everything whisky essentially
Whiskydatabase, reviews, forum, magazine
A blog by Steve Rush
A blog by Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer
Info about Islay
A blog by Peter Lemon
A blog by Jason Pyle
South African Whiskyblog
A blog by Adam Yusko
Armin Crewe's blog about islay
American Whisky Blog
Dutch girls whiskyblog, it's a bit different than other whiskyblogs :-)
Steve Rush' whiskyblog, reviews mainly