Friday, June 16, 2017

Grindlay's Selection

Here are five whiskies from Grindlay

Dalriada Blended Scotch Whisky 40%

Dominated by grain, quite perfumy. Will appeal to Bowmore fans that doesn't like peat.  After a nit the perfumyness gets a bit soapy. Easy drinking and this kind of flavour could appeal to some

I like that this below 25£ blend is natural colour

Rating 77/100

The 4 remaining bottles are all single cask releases and natural strength

Ben Nevis 1997 52.6%

I also find this a bit perfumy, but not soapy. I also get the burned hair sense I often pick up in Ben Nevis, but for this bottling it's quite faint. That said this is very drinkable and fans would describe this as a whisky with character. The perfumnyess get's a tad bit too much for me at the end of the dram

Rating 82/100

Glentauchers 1996 54.5%

A full bodied, flavourful malt, but also on the delicate side fruity side, with a nutty finish

Rating 85/100

Dailuaine 1996 57%

Very nice and delicate whisky. The nose is how you wish your next whisky is going to smell. It got the oldstyle bubblegum thing, that I so rarely see these days. Very nice

Rating 89/100

Craigellachie 2006 64.1%

Strong. Kinda grainy. A bit newmakey, which appears as a bit of sourness. For the lovers of young malts

Rating 78/100

Thanks to Grindlay's for the samples. More info about the bottlings on their own website here: