Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New territories to explore

I am a very curious whisk(e)y drinker. When I see something from a producer that I haven't heard of before, I get interested. I can be very vulnerable to marketing when it comes to this. Sometimes a well known producer just put a new product on the market, and my curiosity is awaken. It has to be a bit more than "just" a new variety of bottling (Usually!). Lately, especially north american craft distillers has caught my eyes. Here's a few products I'll be hunting down in the future, and it might not be as hard as it could, as I will be crossing the pond in a few months as well as visiting Glasgow Whisky Festival.
Apart from Glasgow, I'll also be visiting other parts of Scotland. I know 1 or 2 whiskybars where it isn't hard to find a well stocked whisky selection, that is hopefully up-to-date on bottlings :-)

Tuthilltown,Whistlepig Rye, Redemption Rye, Stranahans, Kavalan, Bunnahabhain 46.3% and a few new Arran's

Is there anything new out there, that caught your eyes ?

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  1. Even if I'm not lured by marketing first, I seem to always have something interesting in my whiskysight...
    Right now I really want to try Master of Malts own Tomatin 19yo 57.6%
    I also fell for the 2005 Ledaig from BBR which was great in an extreme leathery, peaty youngster kind of way. Also the new Daily Dram Laphroaig 11yo caught my eye and luckily I really liked it as well. Oh! The 1968 Glenfarclas Thosop for Luc Timmerman I want to try. A good friend has 10 cl stashed away for me. Cant wait to try. The 1965 Family cask was just amazing.
    So you see Mr. Macdeffe, you are not the only one vaulnerable to marketing and exciting whisky news... I also want to try all kinds of Amruts right now and looking forward to the next Port Charlotte bottled for FC Whisky.. The first one was really enjoyable. Bigstrongpeat.com I could go on...