Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rating whisky, tasting notes and a Glen Garioch 1990

It's not easy to write tasting notes, and I am not very good at it

Apart from putting words on what you taste this is also about consistency. I am not very good at either. I might like a whisky one day and not the next. Really bad whisky and really good whisky tends to be consistent thou :-)

Good major sources on the internet for whisky ratings is Whiskyfun, Whiskynotes and Dramming to name just 3.  

I like whiskyfun for the fact it's easy to backtrack older ratings. I do like marking whiskies, as I am more interested if a whisky is good or not than actual tasting notes, thou both can be interesting.

I started of this site using the predominant 100 scale which I didn't feel comfortable with as, then moved onto the (0)1-5 scale, which I honestly don't feel to comfortable with either. It takes a bit to calibrate the scale so I have decided to go ½-points and will back edit the few ratings I allready done. It's easier to calibrate a scale to the whiskies you have tasted when the amount of logged whiskies is larger

Anyway, this is not to be taken too serious anyway, todays dram is

September 2011 : I have decided to go back to the 100 scale, just to confuse myself even more....

Glen Garioch 1990 -2009 54.6% Batch no 34

A mix of sherry and bourbon casked whiskies

Nose : A little milk acidity, dried fruits and peat
Palate : Strong and intense, the ABV isn't hidden so the impact is great. Sweet, peat and a little fruit and quite some wood
Finish : Medium-long and the sherry part do show

Comment : This is a whisky for the more expereinced drinker as the ABV comes through clear. It's nice with a whisky that's not drowned in water sometimes

Rating 82

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