Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cleaning out my samples - part 3 of 5

1. Hart Brothers 17yo Talisker 46%

Distilled 1993

Nose: sherry, slight wellington rubber, that actually smells good :-)

Palate: Sweet, peppery, peaty and prickly in a very nice combination. This will be exactly what a sherry fan picking up a Talisker would expect. This is really sweet! But the way the peat and the pepper emerges behinds the sweetness is absolutely delicious

Finish : medium

Comment: If you buy a sherried Talisker this is exactly what you hope for! More sweet than you'd expect thou. But if you can take the sweetness this will delight you!!

Rating 87

2. Caol Ila 15yo Bladnoch Forum 58.8%

This is one of the early Bladnoch Forum bottlings. Thank you Jesper for the sample.


Palate: very creamy and a big body. Vanilla, butterscotch and peat. Very peaty actually. 

Finish : long, with a wood-spicy touch that prickles your palate for a long time

Comment : I really like this whisky. Big and Bold is not usually the words associated to a whisky from an ex-bourbon cask this age!!

Rating 90

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