Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last drams of 2011 part 4

Karuizawa 1967 cask 6426, 58.4%
The Whisky Exchange 10y online anniversary, bottled 24/8-2009

The colour and looks of this whisky reminds me of balsamico.

Nose :

Boiled in fruit, leather, and a bit of the inside of a pair of wellingtons.


Extremely oily on the verge of being gritty without being it at all. Dried fruits, Ris a lamande cherry sauce, a long finish. A drop of water brings up wood notes , and a little sweetness, a sweetness you would have thought would have been there from the start, but this is actually a surprisingly non-sweet sherried whisky. Very unlike any other whisky I have a tasted, an exceptional good dram, the leather taste is dominating, and leather is usually something I pick up in Lagavulin and old Ardbegs. No noticeable peat or smoke in this Karuizawa

Rating 89


  1. It was just over two years ago (Christmas Day 2009 ) i got to try this when Tim kindly sent me a sample , didn't get a bottle of that one but did get a bottle of the other one he sent me , the 1982 . My notes were.....

    Expression - Karuizawa 1967 42yo Cask #6426
    Year – 1967
    Age – 42yo
    ABV - 58.4%
    Cask / Bottle No. - #6426 Sherry /
    Colour - Very Deep Amber
    Nose – Old Leather , musty warehouse (earthy) ,dry sherry , pipe tobacco , a beautiful nose with not a hint of sulphur , must have been an excellent sherry cask .
    Palate - Wow ! Dark Chocolate , Oloroso sherry , a touch of Menthol , spiciness (a very rich Christmas cake ) , a hint of Black Coffee , A nice oakiness as well .
    Finish - Very long , dry sherriness , coffee , spices......
    Comments - This was The Whisky Exchanges 10th Anniversary Bottling , the cask was actually shared with La Maison Du Whisky . I know Serge rated this highly and rightly so , he compared it to Old springbanks , well the ones it reminds me of are the Signatory 1967 Ardbegs from Oloroso casks . superb Stuff !

    It's amazing what outstanding whisky is produced from outside of Scotland !

  2. Nice set of tasting notes, I think they match mine almost 100%, yours are just better written :-)

  3. I just reviewed this Steffen, thanks so much for the sample!

    Since I liked it a lot more than you, why don't you just send the rest my way ;-)