Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arran Eagle

1. Arran The Golden Eagle 1999 46% bottled 2012

I grew up with with Arran. Whiskywise that is. They started operating just a few years after I got aware of the higherqualities of malt whisky. Since then, I've been following this distillery since it's firsts bottlings. For good and for bad. They made a lot I didn't like, like their finishes or the whisky was simply too young still for my taste. But I don't like finishes in general, nor whisky that is bottled before it should be. The first time I reckoned something worthy came out of Arran was some single cask bottlings bottled a few years, then the magnificient Peacock, followed by the 12yo and the 14yo

The Eagle is the 4th and final of the Icons of Arran, which so far has given us Peacock, Rowan Tree and Westie. They have all been named after animals (or a tree) that has close relations to the Arran Distillery
The Golden Eagle

Nose : Sweet candy mixed with wood spices
Palate : Very complex for its age, a mix of tropical fruits, like peaches, mango and pineapple topped with candies, with plenty of sweet vanillaed wood spices. There is also a layer of fresh youthness in this whisky which reminds me of earlier Arrans
Finish : Medium

This is a remarkable whisky for two reasons. It has candy like flavours I usually only find in a lot older whiskies. It also has a sense of freshness, like something poured straigh from the cask. It's excellent value for money, and I am sure this, alongside with the Peacock will be a bottle you wished you bought when you sit without one next year!

Rating 86

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