Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whisky online part I of II - Forty Creek

No doubt about it

Being whisky-active online has gived me a lot of good experiences over the years. Forums, Chatrooms, Facebook and Twitter has given me many contacts and most of my very good whisky-friends, I met via the internet in various disguises.

I have just been on a distillery trip to USA and a couple of twitter contacts helped me setup a couple of distillery visits which was part of making the trip very memorable!

Johanna McInnis, Canadian Whiskyblogger of the fine blog The Perfect Whisky Match helped me setup a visit at Kittling Ridge Distillery. It was always a distillery I really wanted to visit. So I am very grateful. Johanne and I made contact via her blog and twitter!

Kittling Ridge is probably my favourite Canadian Distillery. "Probably", as I don't have the biggest experience with Canadian Whisky

Kittling Ridge Doubler

The Warehouse

Tim Burrows of Kittling Ridge preparing a few samples

Kittling Ridge is a winery that turned a distillery. Their Whisky is named Forty Creek. Named after Forty Mile Creek nearby. It was named so because the mouth of the stream is about 40 miles from Niagara.

Forty Creek is single grain whiskies blended together and often double matured or married together in a different set or type of casks. The three grains used is corn, rye and barley, which is distilled separately, matured separately and then blended together. And then usually caskmarried/double matured. 

Read more about Forty Creek here :

Personally I would like to try their whiskies at full strength, but in true canadian tradition almost everything is bottled at 40%. Geeks like me is probably not gonna change this as Canadian Whisky outsells all other countries in USA, including USA itself. 

In general I find Forty Creek whiskies to be fullbodied and creamy relative to other 40 percenters and. More about Forty Creek in an upcoming blogpost.

A big thanks to Johanne and Tim Burrows of Kittling Ridge for setting this up. 

Johanne is the top Canadian Female Whiskyblogger. Follow her (and her husbands) blog here: and I also recommend following her on twitter @whiskylassie where she is often participating in qualified and interesting whiskychats/discussions!

Graham and Johanne of The Perfect Whisky Match


  1. I am so glad you came to Canada and had the opportunity that many covet: Kittling Ridge is a very busy distillery, so thank you to Tim for making the time for Steffen. Truly appreciated! Steffen, it's a pleasure being part of your "whisky fabric" and thank you for the lovely mention. Appreciated :)

    Whisky Lassie

  2. I really want to visit before I move out of upstate NY