Monday, August 6, 2012

Karuizawa Vintage 1973

1. Karuizawa Vintage 1973 cask 6249 56%
Bottled March 2008. American Oak Sherry Butt. Bottle 216 of 342
Martin's Selection of Single Casks
A bottle for the Norwegian Market, selected by Martin Tønder Smith


A very delicate nose meets me, sweet strong wine, dried fruits, sweet wet woods, actual very sweet nose on the verge of being too much, but its not too much ! Fantastic nose
The palate is surprisingly dry, what you expect from the nose is just not there, slightly bitter and fruity, the whisky is extraordinarily oily in it's texture. The alcohol and intensity makes this a powerful sweet fruit bomb.
The finish is dominated by a nice fruityness of canned pears and sweet fresh apples. So basically a sweet nose that goes very fruity on the palate and finish with a hint of bitterness

Rating 88

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