Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve 43%

Forty Creek Distillery in Ontario has recently released a new bottling, the Copper Pot Reserve. I visited the distillery in June 2012 and had a great tour which was set up with the help of Johanne from The Perfect Whisky Match, a leading Canadian Whisky Blog

She was very kind to send me a sample from this bottle:

Copper Pot Reserve

You can read Johanne's very good blog post about this bottling here:

Here are my own short thoughts about this very nice whisky:

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve 43%

Nose : Grainy, sweet and slightly youthful.
Palate : Fullbodied, sherried. creamy, the flavours are really bold from what you would expect from the somewhat laidback nose.. Very sweet-fruity on the palate, cherries, lychees, peach on a back of wood and spices
Finish : Medium

The 3% higher ABV brings out a little more creamyness of the Forty Creek Whisky

Rating 86/100, 

A very delicious and  drinkable Canadian Whisky. This will for sure appeal to fans of ex-sherry casked whisky.

I can't help compare this to malt whisky, which this whisky is much closer to in style than bourbon. The main difference is the grainy flavours with some clearly different components, a bit of rye spice particular, and then the creamy vanillaed texture with gives a solid base for the fruity sherried whisky.

I had a short post about my visit to Forty Creek here

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