Saturday, March 9, 2013

Whiskybroker Cragganmore

Whiskybroker is an independent bottler with a regular output of very cheap independent bottlings, with quite some interesting bottlings between. MArtin Armstrong is not afraid og bottling some adventurous stuff, like an understrength Macallan or a very bourbonesque Longmorn. Recently he even bottled an Ardbeg which sold out in 10 minutes

This mornings dram is a little warmup to a tasting I am going to in a couple of hours

Cragganmore 20yo 53.4% Whiskybroker
Hogshead 1146, 8/3-1991->14/10-2011

The nose is light, but classic whisky with a white winish note going into a grassy feeling

The palate is that of a basic classic whisky. Light, grassy, pears, quite some prickly spicy wood, and for the whisky being light and simple there is a long delicious spicy finish. By classic I mean a archtype Speyside from an ex-bourbon cask. The light refreshing whisky is a perfect morning dram before you palate get tainted by the daily do's. The balance between the light classic Speyside style and the prickly wood is perfect and I wouldn't have left this in the cask any longer. This whisky is perfect example of single malt that hasn't been manipulated by peat, sherry or anything else

Rating 86/100

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