Sunday, November 29, 2015


A tribute to Aarhus

This year, beside my traditional whisky advent calendar, I will visit 24 bars in Aarhus.

If you have never visited Denmark or Aarhus before, I can tell you that my city, which might be somewhat unknown to the international tourists, is well worth visiting a couple of days as tourists

The three main attractions are

Aros the art museum. I am not the biggest fan of art museums, but this place is really nice. Try photo google it and you might get a hint

Another great place is MOMU, the Viking museum, at the southernmost end of the suburbs. Did you know the one of main sources of roman time armoury (swords and that kind of stuff) was just outside Aarhus ?. And have you ever heard about the Grauballe-man ? The best preserved body from the milleniums back. Forget about mummies in Egypt!

Last fine museum is The Old Town which is a museum the size of a whole neighbourhood

But beside this, Aarhus has a great city centre. It's not that big, as Aarhus grew big quite late, but it does accomodate our 300000 citizens excellent. Shopping centres, shopping streets, the latin quarters (Small, but cozy) and an abundance of good restaurants and waterholes. Mind you, Aarhus is a student town, and we don't get that many tourists, so most places have to rely on locals, which means returning customers. So you have to be good and cheap (Cheap on the danish scale). And we also have Michelin restaurants if that's your turf.

Now, this is a whisky blog, so the next 24 days I will present a local bar to you, here on my blog. Visiting all 24 is my advent calendar this year. I do have my handful of regulars, which offcourse will be included, but I will also visit some alternatives and some new places. The focus will be beers and whisky, but some of these places serves delicious food as well. I know a lot (most) of my visitors are from abroad, so now it's time to present my hometown

And trust me, we do have a few really great bars here. No dress codes, this is a relaxed town

All the links are to google photoes


  1. May I add the library - fantastic, modern and innovative...
    As for the ancient body you mention - if memory serves me well, wasn't this found in a peat bog?
    Bottom line - I love Aarhus and will be looking forward to read about the places you visit. Curious to see what has changed in the last 7-8 years.

    1. Atanas. You are right about the peat bog.

      What library are you talking about?. The city just openened a new one


    2. Beside the old library there is also the university one