Sunday, January 3, 2016


New World Whisky Distillery in Melbourne use the brand Starward for their whisky

It's a NAS whisky, made from australian barley, and matured in Apera casks. Apera is an australian sherrystyle wine, which I have never heard of before. The barrels have been re-toasted, and to my knowledge this isn't done with sherry casks normally

From this video it can be seen that New World Distillery is quite small and that they use stills very similar, but smaller, than a typical scottish single malt still

Starward 43%

Fruity, licorise, medicinal, children vitaminpills

This is easy drinkable and being a NAS whisky from a rather new distillery this is surprisingly "mature" in taste and easy drinkable. Probably a combination of the climate and the retoasted barrels. It reminds me a bit of Amrut. It's quite oily and fullbodied. The medicinal touch reminds me of something I sometimes also find in very old malt whisky bottlings from the 50s to 70s

The fist taste is the fruityness, this is a tasty mix of tropical and dried fruits. Then comes the medicinal-licorise part and finally the finish is medium long and very licorisy.

Rating 86/100

In cinclusion, this is a fruity complex whisky, with the only sign of it's youthness being a little alcohol burn. Easy drinking and delicious

Distill of Diageo has recently invested an undisclosed amount of money in Starward. This is their 2nd investment in a small world distillery. The first was 10£ million in danish Stauning

Thanks to David Keir for the sample

You can find the location of the distillery in my map section

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