Saturday, July 10, 2010

Four Amruts

Four Amruts

Amrut is an indian distillery located in Bangalore, at 3000+ feet above sealevel. The hot temperature makes this whisky mature in it's own special fashion. Fast, different and with an angel's share that threatens to empty casks more than 6 years old!

I generally find the Amruts very full-bodied, and I always get the feeling that someone added a tiny amount of ash-dust to it, I also get a tiny hint of the smell of plasticines I used to play with as a kid. Sweet tropical fruits like pineaplles and peaches. Apart from the OB's I've tried a few Blackadder's which are also recommended!

Amrut Fusion 50%
A mix of Scottish (peated) and Indian Barley
This is the most "asian" of these Amruts, despite its scottish content. 
My comments : Tropical Fruits, Ash-dust, sweetness, woodbitterness, Ginger, slightly peated. Very complex
Rating 91

Amrut Double Barrel 46%
Amrut Double Cask. Cask filled : 27/2-2003 and 25/7-2002. Bottled 27/2-2010, cask #2874 and 2273- 46%, oldest expresion of Amrut released so far, Ex-bourbon casks
My comments : Vanilla, tropical sweet spices, slight sweet woodiness, delicious, 
Rating 86

Amrut Two Continents 46% 
Matured across two continents. I've seen photos of Arran Casks with a wee Amrut label!.
My comments : Plasticine, Sweet wood, full-bodied texture, 
Rating 82

Amrut Peated cask strength 62.8%
February 2009 bottling
The barley used for Amruts isnt on the same peat level as the southern Islay malts, more like a Bowmore with 15-20ppm. The effect of this peat is on par with the southern Islays thou. I think a reason for this is the young age of Amrut
My comments : fierce - but not as fierce as you would expect for this high ABV., peaty, sweet. The sweetness and peatyness competes!
Rating 85

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