Tuesday, July 20, 2010


5 Glenglassaughs on a monday evening

One of the webmasters of the danish whiskyforum www.whiskynyt.dk came by the other day and we shared our Glenglassaughs !
Glenglassaugh has been been closed for around 20 years and I don't think many predicted it would reopen. Whiskynyt contributers ganged up and bought 3 50 liters casks of which 1 is with peated malt. I got a 1/20 share in both of the unpeated ones

1. Glenglassaugh Murray Mcdavid 1965 40yo 47,8% 
Citric fruits. No winegum. Some Lavenderish, bowmore-a-like floweryness here 
Rating 86

2. Glenglassaugh Signatory 1976 32yo 44,4%
The nose is sweet, but the palate is somewhat dry, the candylike fruit winegum character is there. Some Lavenderish, bowmore-a-like floweryness here again
Rating 86

3. Glenglassaugh Dewar Rattray 1986 21yo 53,4% 

Powerful sherry bottling with a weird milky acidity, that goes away, but it took some minutes. Milk acidity is what I get from nosing freshly milked milk
Rating 86

4. Glenglassaugh 21yo OB 46% Batch 1Classic bourbon cask with the candy sweetness and also some malty nutty sides as well. Fantastic sweet winery nose with a touch of vanilla
Rating 85

5. Glenglassaugh TWE 1978 31yo 44.6%

This is the most candylike of the 5, its sweet with a heavy big touch of sweet wood as well. The sweetness-wood combination makes this one of those malts you can nose forever. Spices - Cocoa, Minty
Rating 91

Resume : Very very easy drinkable malts, all goes down like a soft drink, except the AD Rattray bottling which is a little more rough, due to the higher ABV. The candy fruit gummy bear  I'd say is now a typical Glenglassaugh notes as it is in 4 of the 5 malts in this series, but its less apparent in the OB. 

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