Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 cheap common bourbons and Jack D

Out working again, and I thought I better get something meaningful out of the evening, so I went to a local (very local..) pub and asked for a dram of their 3 bourbons, just for a scientific comparison.

Well, Jack Daniels isn't technically a bourbon, but Four Roses and Jim Beam are

When I got back to my hotel, I had the last of my Buffalo Trace miniature, to complete this evenings vertical

Jim Beam vertical !

Here a short review

1. Jack Daniels

Burnt wood, liqourice, wood bitterness, bananas!

2. Jim Beam
Seemed fruitier and lighter than the Jack D. Less wood influence

3. Four Roses
Seemed more delicate than the first two. Vanilla, creamy, minty, spicy tree

4. Buffalo Trace
On par with the Four Roses, more spicy woody, citrus

I am pretty sure that having #1 and #2 first made #3 and #4 appear better. As I reviewed #4 last weeknd and last blogpost I had that as comparison as well. Today its actual pretty good. A proof that order of consumation has some importance

It's also clear, that when you drink 4 whiskeys, relatively alike, the subtle differences will be more clear to determinate. I didnt pick up the banana in the Jack D until I retried it after sipping the Jim Beam. But then it was powerful

Four Roses is made from from 2 recipes and 5 yeasts, a total of 10 different types.
Check out http://www.maltstock.com for a serious vertical of Four Roses

These four are the cheapest products from the makers of these 4 whiskeys. They All make other products that will appeal more to us whisky entusiast. These 4 are most often drunk with ice or used in cocktails, but I actually enjoyed dramming the Four Roses and the Buffalo Trace

George T Stagg from Buffalo Trace
Magnificient Stuff

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