Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrating WhiskyEmporium

Keith Wood is english and living in Germany, and his whiskyblog/website contains tasting notes for almost every distillery available, closed or open. Beside that a long range of articles about whisky and what not

Celebrating his 500th review he shared a dram, via a competition on twitter and and I was one of the lucky winners, thanks Keith.

The Moffat complex near Glasgow, contained the distilleries of Glen Flagler, Killyloch and Garnheath (Grain), all opened in the mid sixties, but  the distilleries closed one by one with Killyloch first in the 70's and all were demolished in 1986. The whiskies are quite rare

The Glen Flagler name was also used as a name for a vatted malt (A blend of different single malts, not to be confused with a "blenden whisky" which contains grain whisky as well as malt whisky)

Here's the sample I received 1 week ago

Glen Flagler Pure Malt 40%

The nose is quite pleasant, classical whisky on the sweeter side, I find it typical for multicask vattings and this actually reminds me of the average flora fauna bottling- This Glen Flagler got slightly more intensity or oomph than the average bottling and with its good nose its very enjoyable. Blind I would have guessed it to be an oldfashioned bottling from lets say Balblair before they decided to up their ABV and go unchillfiltered

This a mainstream dram and on par with 12yo OB's that got most of us started in the malt whisky business

Nose : simple, sweet, citrus, and slightly youth, classic whisky whisky
Palate : Sweet, tealike with a hint of citrus and mint
Finish : surprisingly long

Rating 83 I'd like to try this at a higher ABV

WhiskyEmporium's 500th review here :

Congratulations with the 500th review Keith and thanks again for a nice dram. It lived me up after work, sitting in a hotel far from my home and my own whiskycupboard!

Holbæk Hostel, now immortalised by having a Glen Flagler consumed inside

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