Monday, June 18, 2012

Arran Sleeping Warrior

Arran Sleeping Warrior 54.9%

Vintage 2000, bottled 2011. Ex-bourbon and red wine casks, 6000 bottles

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Nose: A typical Arran nose, smells like a young whisky, but there's is something going on with a touch of wine and prickling wood

Palate : A good full bodied, somewhat oily dram, well balanced, with winish nuances and spicy woods well integrated into a pleasant dram, but with a tiny offnote of something "young". 

Finish : Medium

Enjoyable, but I prefer older Arran's and as for a change the wine-touch isn't putting me totally off, its not my personally favourite note, but then, I don't really like wine. If you like wine finishes I bet you will find this a lot more enjoyable than I did. 

Rating 79

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