Saturday, June 16, 2012

Virginia Gentleman

Virginia Gentleman 90 proof

This is an interesting bourbon. It's an older product of bourbon made at A. Smith Bowman in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

A. Smith Bowman is part of the Sazerac group (Buffalo Trace) and it's actually a redestillation of Buffalo Trace destillate. This distillery is on my agenda in my upcoming US trip, and I am particular hoping to try some of their current and more premium products :-)

This bottle was a gift from one of my former bridge partners, who now are in charge of a restaurant here in Aarhus called "Den Rustikke", a faboulous place and deservedly no. 1 on tripadvisor for Aarhus Restaurants. He laid hands on a bunch of the remaining bottles of this in Denmark and he generously gave me a full bottle.

Virginia Gentleman

This is a delicate bourbon, very smooth and sweet, very drinkable and less woody and less rough than most other comparable priced bourbons. There's a little rye spice in this, but end of the day this is an uncomplicated bourbon on the sweet side. I am still learning how to drink and taste bourbons, but as my experience grows I get better in discovering the deeper layers of this fine american product.  

Rating 83

It's impotant you rehearse and train your palate and the more you drink the wiser you get !!

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