Saturday, February 23, 2013

Glen Scotia 1992

Glen Scotia 1992. Archives. 50.4% 20yo

Pleasant nose, which is always a good start. Classic whisky with a dash of forest berries and vanilla. This cask strength whisky's nose also gives me associations of being in a whisky warehouse in chilly Scotland. As the nosing goes on the forest berries becomes more dominant.. Excellent nose, but it had to develop on me.

Palate : Faint metallic and more forest berries. When I go closer in depths with this malt it appear fullbodied and malty with some toasted oak in the finish

This is a typical example of Glen Scotia, and a better one in my opinion. I have never been a great fan of this distillery, but if you are this might be something for you

Rating 83/100

I sometimes wonder why I often get a faint metallic note on Glen Scotia's. Is this just something I make up after I saw the washbacks at Glen Scotia ?

I did often find faint metallic notes in Glen Scotia (as I do in Ben Nevis) before I saw these cast iron washbacks.


  1. I'm reviewing this one soon as well. I don't think I like it quite as much as you.

    That cast iron washback is a little frightening!

  2. Found this link while searching Google, thanks