Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jim Beam Rye

Rye whiskey is not easy to come by here in Denmark. When I have to do bourbon tastings just finding a bottle can sometimes be a little task in itself.

Here and there You can find the odd bottle, sometimes older bottlings that has been hidden on the shelf of a spirits or wine store for a few years but walking into a shop normally known for decent selection of whisk(e)y and expecting to find a bottle of rye is optimistic

The biggest producer of bourbon in Kentucky has a couple of ryes bottlings. Knob Creek Rye and this bottling here : Jim Beam Rye

Jim Beam Rye has a mash bill of 51% rye and is 4 years old and bottled at 40%

This is a very mild rye, the nose is laid back and for a spirit that has been laid on new wood, it is not very woody. At least not compared to your standard bottle of bourbon. It's dry and has an absence of sweetness, with a very laid back spicyness. I usual get a lot more mint from ryes, this is more subtle with an equal component of coconut. 

This makes for an easy drinking-sipping whiskey that won't challenge you a lot. It is also a perfect rye for cocktails and its great value for money, at least here in Denmark that is

Rating 82/100

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