Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ardmore 1977 Scott's Selection

1. Ardmore 1977 Scott's Selection, bottled 2003 57.5%

This is an american bottling (750ml). I am aware of at least one other 1977-2003 Scott's Ardmore bottled at 700ml with different ABV

Not much left unfortunately

Nose : Nutty, Peaty

Palate : Spicy, woodtannins, peaty. It's not from a very active cask sherrywise, the sherry influence is hard to find, maybe a little fruit sweetness, but I wonder if I would have found that if I didn't sit with the label in front of me. The wood spicyness is delicioius, and the peat is higher than I would expect from a whisky this age, and a whisky that's not from Islay. This proves to me that Ardmore is a great alternative if you love peated Islay's. The cask might not be active from a sherry point of wood, but there's a whole lot of wood spices in this. Mint, nutmeg and vanilla based on a nutty flavoured spirit, which result in a dry experience, despite the faint sweet sherry notes I am possible imaging. The whisky is well balanced and gives you an excellent experience of drinking old peated whisky

Finish : Not that intense but long. The whisky improves with new layers as you have it in the glass or pour more. As your palate get used to the dominant peat, a lot of delicious flavours emerge from the wood.

Comment : I like Ardmore and I like Scott's Selection which always seems to gives solid performs

Rating 89

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  1. Steffen, thanks for the sample.

    My notes the 57,5% version is peaty on the nose with hints of ham / bacon but also with some bitterness. I get raisins on taste palette with caramel, mango and tobacco.
    Its not over powered with sherry but is a treat and the it does in my opinion have a nice continues finish.

    More or less the same bottling by Scott's but at 58,1% instead.
    They are very close to each other, this one seams a bit more Islay'ish when it comes to the peat. Its not a well peated Islay, but the thick ham / bacon attitude is not as present as the previous one. I also find vanilla on the nose and some pepper on the taste palette. It carries on with raisins and tobacco and does again have a nice finish.

    I have not been a big fan of Ardmore, but these two is really of my likening.