Saturday, May 5, 2012

Three quick Benriachs

BenRiach 15 yo OB, Pedro Ximenez-finish, 46%

Nose: Fresh, sugar sherry, light and elegant, summery. It actually brings distant memories from summers gone by.

Taste: Juicy sugar sherry sweetness. Dark, burnt sugar and plenty of oak. A modern dram with a decent quality.
Rating: 84

BenRiach Horizons 12 yo OB, triple distilled, sherry finish, 50%

BenRiach Horizons

Nose: Lovely oloroso sherry, toffee and orange chocolate, vague rubber notes (rubber band), burnt nuts and prunes.

Taste: Young. Feisty sherry with dark coffee notes and bitter nuts. It's a powerful horizon we're looking at here, so no extra softness for being distilled three times. Good whisky.
Rating: 86

BenRiach Authenticus 25 yo OB, 46%
Nose: Peaches and fruit drops - or is it fruit caramel? Beautiful nose with the smoke drifting quietly behind the fruit curtains.

Taste: Peaches and mango. Again the smoky element is carefully present and mixes in with the tropical style very, very well. A delicate experience.

Rating: 89

Concluding comment: During the last 7-8 years, careful and innovative ownership, along with the delicate quality of the whisky, has raised the profile of Benriach distillery and it's bottlings from a point of oblivion to a wide popularity. These three drams are fine examples of good quality Speyside whisky.

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