Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What would James Bond really drink ?

No more Martinis for Mr. Bond!

Who drinks Martini anyway today?. It's just so the seventies..

I am pretty sure that if James Bond didn't drink Martini, most people would never have heard about it. (That's what I thought, I've been corrected, see later)

But now he quit Martini. Apparently. According to the press Bond is now going to drink Heineken!. How cool is that ?

Bond is classy, sophicasted and cool.

From Sean Connery

to Daniel Craig

But he won't be holding glasses like that in his hand anymore. It's now gonna be Heineken. Standard International Lager. Is that cool or is it just me ?

Heineken IS cool

Cool people drink Heineken. 
People like me drink real ale. 
Quality beer has a bit of an image problem... I think. Would Bond really drink Heineken or would he rather have a London Pride ?

I know what I would drink :-). But drinking real ale is probably too associated with middle-aged bearded overweight men. And they don't have the kind of big money needed for marketing neither, as a big company like Heineken. Product Placement > Coolness

I would honestly have thought Bond would quit smoking before change his drink. Or maybe quit drinking totally?
 I do think a glass of organic orange juice would be more noted than the absence of a cigarette though. 

So maybe... or maybe not, Bond will have an image problem with a (can of) Heineken in his hand. Heineken will for sure not have an imageproblem being in the hand of James Bond.

Personally I think he should upgrade cocktailwise and go for a Manhattan, a Mojito or maybe a Mint Julep. But I bet the good people over in the mixologist department have a far more qualified opinion on this

I asked Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist and she said "Martinis still hugely popular. So is retro and reinvention of the classics" Her specific suggestion for a modern Bond drink was the Black Rose

I also asked Kerry from Whisky in the City and she said "The 'Mad Men' effect is bringing back the old classics." Kerry suggests Bond would pick up: "Aged tequila with lime twist in the style of an old fashioned"

Basically they couldn't agree more without picking the exact same, so I am more or less outvoted 2-1 by the lovely ladies (no surprise)

This is a whisky blog. Most people here would say, why doesn't Mr. Bond drink a whisky ? But is drinking whisky cool enough for Bond? 

Do whisky have the right image. I know what kind of image the whisky companies like their drinkers to be. Something like this


But that's a minority. In reality we look like this

Classy moment at Limburg 2011

Some of the whisky companies are big spenders in the marketing department. They should be able to afford a dram for James Bond. He would end up drinking Johnnie Walker, Macallan, Glenfiddich or Dalmore most likely. 

I think it would be far more cool if Mr. Bond walked up to a bar and asked for a Caperdonich 72

What do you think ?


  1. Very good question, Macdeffe! I've always found it ridiculous that Mr. Bond - James Bond - is asking for a martini, and making a fuss about it, too! ("Tssschoykan, not sturrd!") How manly is that? I didn't know about the switch to Heineken, but it's definitely not a step up. What's next? Bud Light? Absolut Raspberry?

    Mr. Bond travels a lot, so his drink has to be reliably available on all continents. The obvious choice should be Johnnie Walker Black. The cool choice would be JW Green - but that's out of the question now! If he were working for the CIA it would be Jim Beam Black. What he drinks in his lair is another matter...

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