Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Distilleries ?

At any time there is always a range of distilleries being planned. Some of these happens, other do not.

Projects like Blackwood Distillery on Shetland and Ladybank in Fife are planned distilleries that didn't happen. Arran, Abhainn Dearg, Glengyle, Kilchoman and Daftmill are new distilleries that did happen as well as Ailsa Bay and Roseisle from Grant's and Diageo.

I am very entusiastic about these new distilleries. They are usually very well presented on their websites. But with the current economic climate and the projects that hasn't happened, I am never sure before we see the first drops running in the spirit safe.

Since 2005. No whisky released yet

Here's a shortlist of what the current status seems to be here in autumn 2012

Looks like a sure thing. The equipment is planned to be installed in September 2012
Will it happen : Yes

A few others are also in the planning. It will exciting to see if they happen

The Ardnamurchan Distillery
Adelphi, an independent bottler, has received planning permission for a new distillery in Ardnamurchan
Will it happen : Plans and projects are new

Distillery on the north coast on Scotland.
Will it happen : Plans and projects are new

Has been stuck in the planning stages for a few years now
Will it happen : Maybe

Lakes Distillery:
A planned distillery in the Lakes District in Cumbria.
It's been semiquiet lately. Plenty of twitter activity, most tweets not related to the project though
Will it happen : Maybe

Falkirk Distillery:
It has been very quiet about this distillery for a couple of years.
Will it happen : I don't think so

Huntly Distillery
A project by the independent bottler Duncan Taylor. They have the buildings and also hired a distillery manager. Not much seem to have happened for a couple of years and the supposed-to-be manager has left.
Will it happen : I don't think so

I've only considered  the scottish planned distilleries and one in Cumbria. All over the rest of the world new distilleries are getting on the map. Especially in Ireland there seem to be a lot going on these days

Check out my maps of confirmed producing distilleries

It's an ongoing work-in-progress updating those maps :-)

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