Sunday, April 14, 2013

The state of whisky made in Denmark - part 2

Stauning Traditional 3yo Edition 2 55%
Distilled 2009, bottled 2013

This reminds me a lot of the rye. It's quite unusual that a distillery produced a similar rye and malt whisky. Or maybe it's unusual I find it so. 

Being a few years older than the ryes, this whisky still seems a lot more untamed. It is simoultanously both a bit rough and delicate malty spirit, with a very cereal note. Again I like I get a chance to taste the spirit and not something masked in some wood experiement. Both creamy and cereal and very oily. I would say this could be a very good whisky but it needs more years in a cask. 

Finish : nice creamy finish with a little vanilaed touch

Rating 77/100

Comment : Too young but still quite delicious. Very promising whisky

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