Monday, April 15, 2013

The state of whisky made in Denmark - part 6

Nyborg Distillery cask sample, 3yo Laphroaig finish 69%
Distilled 2010, sample drawn 8 April 2013

Cask sample for presentation at the danish whiskyfair 2013

I assume this has been finished in a cask that previously held Laphroaig

Nose : Apples, small casks woodyness

Palate : quite woody and peaty and also a lot more full bodied than the pure ex-bourbon. As with the other 2 samples I have the sense of a young, drinkable and very appled whisky. Maybe Nyborg distillery is trying to target Iphone users ? Well, I got a Galaxy so I am harder to impress! The wood impact on this one (and the sherry finished) can't help making me think it has been finished on smaller casks. 
The peat, the apples and the wood is well integrated. Again a fine 3yo expression, and as with the sherry finish this is also something I could justify bottling
The third sample is again apples for me, young spirit but this time it is very well balanced out by the wood and the peat

Finish : long

Rating 78/100 

Ørbæk is a danish microbrewery that has distilled whisky (and other spirits) since 2009

This concludes Nyborg distillery (Ørbæk brewery). Different and promising spirits with two samples I enjoyed even if they were young in tasting, but all three a lot less than what you would expect for a 3 year old. The spirit has a character of apples to me which makes Nyborg distillate unusual

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  1. It could also be that they stored them in a heated space to accelerate wood impact.
    At an increased evaporation, of course, but...