Monday, April 15, 2013

The state of whisky made in Denmark - part 4

Nyborg Distillery cask sample, 3yo ex-bourbon 59%
Cask 7, distilled 2010, sample drawn 8 April 2013

Cask sample for presentation at the danish whiskyfair 2013

Nose: Cider, apples, white wine

Palate : Weird stuff. Doesn't taste like whisky. Very appleish in character with some wood impact. Young in character. Hint of licorice. A little fierce, but it is 59%!

Finish : vodka with apple flavour

This is a bit different and I have a hard time rating this. It's young, fierce and applecider. But whisky ? It IS  different. Hardcore whiskyentusiasts will be puzzled by this. When you lift a glass of something labeled whisky you allready have some expectations. Not really unpleasant but it doesn't score high in my book. This will probably appeal more to someone normally drinking snaps, eau-de-vie or grappa, but what do I know ?

Rating  72/100

Ørbæk is a danish microbrewery that has distilled whisky (and other spirits) since around 2009

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