Monday, April 15, 2013

The state of whisky made in Denmark - part 5

Cask sample for presentation at the danish whiskyfair 2013

Nose: vanilla, just a hint of apples

Palate : This has got apples like the bourbon-cask I just tasted. I can't help thinking it has been pinpointed to my brain as I taste these two right after each other, because this is actually quite different. The texture and mouthfeel is different, this is a lot more fullbodied. I can't help think of cinnamoned apple-pies. In a nutshell this is apple, wood and cinnamon. A bit fierce, but not something you would be surprised from as its a 59% spirit. I quite like this. Looks like the distillery character of Nyborg is heavyweight apples

Finish : medium, with the prickly wood spices lingering, apples, young spirit and vanilla again in the end

Again a hard one to rate as the apple character makes this very different from what I usual drink. But I like this and if I had some young stuff I wanted to bottle to make my whisky available for the public this would be a good candidate.

rating 78/100

Ørbæk is a danish microbrewery that has distilled whisky (and other spirits) since 2009

One guest at the danish fair mentioned this at his favourite overall dram at the fair at a poll on the fairs facebooks page!

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