Saturday, December 12, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 12


Barstart is another hidden bar in Aarhus. It is well hidden behind a few other bars and under the pedestrian street bridge that also crosses Aarhus Å (A small river coming through town, and in this area both sides are littered with Cafe's, restaurants and bars)

Barstart is a cocktail bar, but they have a good selection of bourbons. Elijah Craig 12, Wild Turkey 101, a couple of Blanton's, Rittenhouse 100, Four Roses Small Batch and more

There is also a couple of good bottled beers, Crew Republic and Ugly Duck

My drink of choice fell on a couple of Classic Whisky Cocktails, Old Fashioned made from Elijah Craig 12 and a Manhattan from Rittenhouse 100

It's a cozy little place, where the bartenders and the bar is taking up a substatial part of the room. So you have a first seat view of your cocktails getting prepared

Nice staff, and good cocktails

Reviewing Cocktail Bars is very much out of my comfort zone, but I like this place and will give it my recommendations in case you want to exchange your dram or beer with an Old Fashioned

24 bars map is HERE


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