Friday, December 18, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 18


Cirkuskroen is a small local pub near the water

It's one of many local pubs in Aarhus that have a few things in common

The beer you drink is Ceres Top
It's cheap

Cirkuskroen is a bit different as it is decorated with more than 1300 clown dolls

My choice of drink went to Ceres Top. Ceres used to be the town brewery, but as it got a bigger operator it was bought up or had a fusion with Thor/Albani/Faxe which are other regional danish standard pilsners. They now moved the production of all their brands to a factory somewhere I forgot, so it's not a local beer anymore

I drank quite a lot of Ceres Top over the years, and I still prefer this to other danish SIL's (Standard International Lagers). It's probably pure nostalgia. Aarhus Bryghus, a true local brewery makes a better pilsner and if you move to craft beer, we have a very small brewery called Humleland that makes great beers

Circuskroen has a website 

If you want to try a good cold Ceres Top, I would go here. The clown dolls are a magnificient display. If Stephen King made you scared of clowns, don't come here. The staff and locals are very friendly

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