Wednesday, December 16, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 16

Memphis Road House

This is an american barbecue restaurant. Beside the american style food, this place also serves alcohol in a very american way

The spirit selection is focused on bourbon, american gins, tequila and mezcals

Their wine is californian red wines, mainly from Lodi and Santa Barbara

The beer list is a short list of a few american microbrews and also some of their big brands like Miller and Budweiser

Soft drinks are also very american. Coca Cola or root beer ?

On top of this there is a small selection of classic cocktails, like Margarita, Bourbon Sour and Old Fashioned

This time we went in for some food. Burgers, pulled pork, brisket were some of the things on the menu. My choice went on "all you can eat hot chicken wings". With a nice starter of deep fried spring rolls filled with various meat and cheese

All very delicious

Memphis Road House has the best selection of bourbons in Aarhus

My choice of beer was a very good Yellow Dog Pilsner, followed by a Yellow Dog IPA. This was standard american microbrew and you have to look hard to find a restaurant in Aarhus with a better beer selection than Memphis. I can only think of 2-3 other places and they will also be mentioned in this Advent Calendar: Beside this yellow dog there were a couple of other offerings from Anchor

With the starter I also had a Four Roses Limited Small Batch 2013, and as this is one of the best bourbons bottled in this decade, you can't really go wrong there

As they made a mistake on our payment we got a taste on the house of this on our way out

Which kickstarted a geeky discussion with one of the staff, what Corn Whiskey actually is. 

Corn whiskey must have an 80% corn mashbill and be matured in used barrels or non-charred new barrels.

As this Mellow Corn is a "Bottled in Bond" it is at least 4 years old, and the label says it's distilled at DSP KY-31 which is prefire Heaven Hill

I liked it

This is a great restaurant to visit, which is very true to it's inspiration. It's hard to find a restaurant in Aarhus with a better overall drink selection

Memphis Road House website is here

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