Monday, December 21, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 21

Cafe Albert

It's daring to open a beer place outside the city center, Nevertheless, this is what Cafe Albert did in 2015. And let me be clear, this is a great place, and not something you'd expect to find in the inner suburbs. When you enter this place the atmossphere is more like a cafe in the latin quater.

Cafe Albert has around 4 taps of beer. There is some taps from Aarhus Bryghus. Aarhus Bryghus Pislner is far better than the pislners served at 90% of the bars in Aarhus. There is usually also a tap of IPA, usually from Mikkeller

The day I visited the IPA was Amass West Coast IPA, it was delicious and very fresh

Beside the taps, Cafe Albert has a medium selection of bottled beers. The selection is very varied, and very very good. It's dominated by belgian beers and beers from the danish brewery To Øl

After the Amass IPA I had one of my favourite barrel aged beers. Rio Reserva from de Struise

Followed by a saison from To Øl. All three beers were magnificient

The interior at Cafe Albert is old style living room, very similar to Vesterlauget

The place is very cozy and relaxed and judging from the pumpkin soup I had the food is really delicious

Pumpkin, chili, koriander and serrano

I can highly recommend Cafe Albert

Cafe Albert website is HERE

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