Sunday, December 6, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 6

La Cabra

Aarhus have a lot of coffee bars. Starbucks, Baresso. Most cafe's serves a good cup. Surprisingly the gast station chain Statoil serves a surprisingly good cup. Also McDonalds and 7-11 serves very good coffee So it's not hard to find a good cup in my town. I am also a bit of coffeesnob myself, and like to make good coffee at home especially. To preserve my liver a bit a decided to include a couple of local coffee bars. I have no problem admitting that coffee  bars is not my top knowledge, so I had to ask a colleague, who is a coffee geek, to recommend two good coffee bars.

La Cabra is the first. La Cabra means The Goat. It is a coffee bar I have often passed by as it is right next to Le Coq. It's  coffee roasters and this cafe

From this list of 4 coffees I chose the Sumava, Ethiopia 416, Costa Rica. My guess is that Sumava is the producer (farmer), Ethiopia 416 the bean variety and Costa Rica the country of origin

What I got what this cup, with a coffee a lot paler than what is usually seen

And here is my first ever coffee tasting notes:

This coffee is very nutty flavoured. It actually is like a brown ale where normal black coffee is like a stout. I would guess the roasting is a lot lighter than normal coffee. So a lot less of that dark roast biter taste. My main tasting notes is citrus and nuts, and in the finish I get some bitterness and macaroons

This place has cozy relaxed background music.

It's open in the daytime, no alcohol served. Homemade light food breakfast and lunch

La cabra's webiste is here

20 Bars in Aarhus THE MAP

Would I recommend this place: Yes, but you need to be a coffee geek

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